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Weekdays: 7: 00-23: 00
Saturday-Sunday: 7: 00-20: 00

Request Classes

You can order classes by contacting us by email. A free 30 minutes trial lesson is offered!
If you have any questions regarding French online lessons, feel free to contact me.

I try to be flexible so that you can have classes when and where you would like. I will exchange our Skype and email details at this stage.


60 minutes lesson  

Admission fee: US$25

 ■ 4 lessons: US$90 (expiration date 1 month)

 ■ 8 lessons: US$160 (expiration date 2 months)

 ■ 12 lessons: US$224 (expiration date 3 months)

Click and send an email if you have any question!

How to pay for online lessons:

The tuition fee is paid monthly and the entrance fee is US$25.
The lesson tuitions have to be paid by the end of the previous session. .

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■ Bank tranfer (Residents of Japan)

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