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French instructor teaching a class online.

I'm a native French speaker who was born in Lyon, France in 1972. I studied history at the University of Lyon III and worked as a student's teaching assistant and administrative assistant at junior and senior high schools in France. After that, I worked for a copy printing company before moving to Japan in 2001 to work as a French instructor and assistant trainer at a leading Japanese language school.

eiffel My Teaching Approach

With over 23 years of experience teaching French to a variety of students, I understand the challenges that non-native speakers face. That's why I take the time to listen to each student's goals and reasons for studying French. My goal is to make each lesson fun and interesting, while also incorporating French culture and history.

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eiffelTeacher's interest


French castle

I am very interested in history, and I read history books on various subjects. I also love visiting historical sites and museums. When I went to Himeji Castle for the first time, I was moved by the size and greatness of the architecture.
Discovering the lesser known anecdotes is another pleasure. For example, did you know that the first French who came to Japan in 1619, was François Caron? He stayed there for over 20 years.



I love cooking!
With my father who was a baker and a mother who loves cooking, I have been making simple dishes since I was a child. My favorite dishes are quiche Lorraine and hachis Parmentier (French style shepherd's pie). Recently, I have also been trying to make sweets such as apple pie and Lyon specialty fried food named bugne. That is why you will not miss French food!



Hiking is great! I started in earnest when I was in junior high school. I discovered the charms of various regions in France by walking slowly. I also enjoy short hiking in Japan. The Kamikochi area in ​​Shinshu was amazing. It's a sport good for the body and health.
It's also a good way to spend a wonderful time with my family and friends.


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