eiffelBeginner to advanced level!

◆ Regular lessons (Textbook course)

It is recommended for those who need a progressive tailored curriculum.

※ The format of attached file sent by e-mail is Word, Text or PDF.

◆ Conversation & travel lessons

■ Order at the restaurant;
■ Shopping;
■ Simple conversations in hotels and tourist spots;
■ Meeting and communicating with people;
■ Etc.

If necessary, an e-mail with the vocabulary or pictures used during the lesson will be sent to you in advance. During the lesson, the conversation will follow the theme. If you wish, a summary of the lesson can be sent to you to help you review what has been studied.

◆ Grammar lessons

Lessons focusing on French grammar.
Progessive approach.
A file will be sent in advance with the contents of the lesson, such as grammar points, phrases, and example sentences. During the lesson, the instructor will explain the grammar and phrases, and the students will be required to practice.
After completing the lesson, exercises will be sent to you by email. If you request a correction, please send your answers by email (attached file).


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