Translation Fields

■ User manuals (devices, industry...)
■ Catalogues, website content
■ Humanities (articles, thesis abstracts, etc.).
■ IT
■ Tourism
■ Teaching materials (manuals, data sheets, etc.).
■ Website SMEs or individuals (artists, public figures, etc..). .

Some examples of my work

■ User manual for power tool
■ Printers user interface and User's guide
■ Smartphone user interface
■ Navigation system user interface
■ Air conditioner user's manual and installation manual
■ Nova Corp. website
■ Companies board members profiles

Proofreading & Transcription


Proofreading service for your documents translated into French by a native speaker.

To bring the French up to standard, publishable quality!

It includes spelling and typographical correction to eliminate spelling errors, punctuation.
The proofreader will also correct errors of cohesion and consistency.


this is where what is said in French is written down in the French language. Supported formats are:

  • Audio files (mp3, mp4, wma, wav, etc)
  • CD
  • dvd
  • video files (mp4, wma, avi, mpeg, mov, swf)

Transcript Formats:
MS word, MS Excel,
PDF (not editable),
Html, OpenOffice